UK defies UN deadline to return Chagos Islands

Refusal to return archipelago to Mauritius ‘lawless’ and ‘reflects colonial mindset’ says barrister

Britain’s “outright defiance” of a UN deadline to hand the Chagos Islands to Mauritius by Friday, in a final act of African “decolonisation”, has been condemned by Mauritius and the globally-scattered communities of exiled islanders.

The UK’s refusal to end its occupation of the Indian Ocean archipelago is expected to be marked by protests outside the UK high commission in the Mauritian capital, Port Louis, organised by those who were forcibly deported more than 40 years ago and their descendants.

The Labour party’s election manifesto, published on Thursday, pledges to allow Chagossians to resettle in their homeland.

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O'Malley slams DHS deputy: You cage children for a fascist president

Former Maryland governor and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate forced Ken Cuccinelli to leave Capitol Hill bar

Donald Trump’s acting deputy secretary of homeland security was called “the son of immigrant grandparents who cages children for a fascist president” on Wednesday night, by a man who forced him to leave a Capitol Hill bar on Thanksgiving eve.

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A comment from JunkRatNews

While the scenes depicted at the US border are often horrifying to see, attempts to blame that mess on Trump are lies. Those scenes at the border looked exactly the same while the country was led by Obama, with the only difference being the media was conspiring to protect one president and not the other. I am not somebody that supports Trump, at all, just a champion of the truth.
There are already legitimate reasons to condemn Trump without having to pretend evil actions taken by Obama were also his doing.

Robots Are Taking Our Fake News Jobs!

You’ve heard that the independent media (i.e. the media that actually challenges the establishment narratives) is full of Russian bots, and you probably know that this is neo-McCarthyist hooey. But did you know that most of the major newswires and online news outlets are already publishing bot-generated content? Well they are. So what does it mean that the establishment fake news is coming from the hand of bots? Find out in this edition of The Corbett Report.


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The Saudi Aramco IPO: What You Need to Know


After years of teasing, the moment has finally arrived: Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (hereinafter dubbed “MbS” or “the Clown Prince”) has announced the Saudi government’s intention to float a stake in Saudi Aramco.

As you no doubt already know (because you watch New World Next Week every week, right?), the world’s largest oil company is set to go (partially) public in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that will offer shares of the company on the Tadawul—Saudi Arabia’s domestic stock exchange—in December.

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Warning of existential Threat

Warning of ‘existential threat to civilisation’ as impacts lead to cascade of unstoppable events

The world may already have crossed a series of climate tipping points, according to a stark warning from scientists. This risk is “an existential threat to civilisation”, they say, meaning “we are in a state of planetary emergency”.

Tipping points are reached when particular impacts of global heating become unstoppable, such as the runaway loss of ice sheets or forests. In the past, extreme heating of 5C was thought necessary to pass tipping points, but the latest evidence suggests this could happen between 1C and 2C.

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Here at , we believe The Guardian to be one of the best MSM sources in the world for ‘telling it like it is’. While a person can easily for it because of that, one does have to remember they are still part of the mainstream media. The only warning of existential threat that needs to take place is to warn people of this scam.

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Climate FACTS: No warming has taken place in the United States since 2005, yet the media refuses to discuss the real scientific data

(Natural News) There has been a great deal of focus in recent years on so-called fake news and the dangerous effects of the dissemination of inaccurate information. While these concerns are certainly valid, the mainstream media has used these fears as a platform to launch an all-out attack against members of the independent media, labeling them conspiracy theorists and purveyors of dangerous, unsubstantiated information regarding everything from vaccines to pesticides.

One of the greatest differences in viewpoint between mainstream and independent news sources has revolved around climate change. While the mainstream media has created widespread panic by publishing one article after the other “proving” that man-made global warming is destroying the planet, the independent media has largely urged caution, stressing that the science does not support this theory.

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