Month: January 2020

Online Freedom In Danger

  (Natural News) If ever there ever was a reason why the United States should seriously consider ending its relationship with, and support of, the United Nations, a new measure the world body just adopted provides a great...

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California's New Privacy Law

California is becoming a monument to how much businesses surveil and abuse its residents, as apps and stores are scrambling to put up “Do Not Sell My Info” notices in compliance with the state’s hefty data privacy law. Under...

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Make Europe Relevant Again

Make Europe Relevant Again Authored by Sigmar Gabriel via Project Syndicate, It is increasingly clear that the European Union was not built to be a global actor. The EU is a strictly European idea, designed to bring peace and...

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Germany: A “Latent Sense Of Insecurity”

Germany: A “Latent Sense Of Insecurity” Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute, “At least since the events at the Cologne cathedral square on New Year’s Eve in 2015 people apparently feel...

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