The more things change the more they stay the same

Words of wisdom from the past

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it.

For there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand it’s meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. But even today. – John F Kennedy circa 1961


Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither, and will lose both.

– Ben Franklin —————————————–

Censorship is ramping up due to the Coronavirus. And it was already trending that way.

Wise people came before us, who were able to foresee many of the events that would still be unfolding centuries later. We might be in a new age technologically, but we are still human, and we are still battling the same forces internally that have been looking to corrupt and destroy our nations from the inside out.

I posted a video on my facebook page that has led to restrictions placed upon my accounts for most of this month at this point. It features clips from Event 201. It’s not political, does not directly impact social issues, isn’t controversial, isn’t misinformation, etc. It doesn’t violate a single policy of facebook, but it seems facebook doesn’t want people to know about Event 201, possibly because of Gates’s involvement. In the clip I didn’t push any theories of conspiracies, or make any sort of claims of any kind.

The entire raison d’etre for JunkRatNews was witnessing just this sort of thing. Honest and thorough investigators in the independent media because deplatformed, demonitized, and made to disappear. Guilty of the high crime of speaking the truth, and nothing more. I can only hope that more and more people notice, and react properly. Not to cheer for the other side to be hit, but to stand up and realize it’s coming back in your direction like a pendulum, except with the size and force of a wrecking ball. I had my account restricted for posting real and accurate information. Nothing more, nothing less.

The left and the right wing belong to the same bird. Like 2 sides of the same coin, that sits in the same rich guys pocket.

While Donald Trump seeks to discredit the mainstream media more and more, anybody who’s paid close attention realized long before he was pointing it out that they are quite often nothing more than fake news. But it was ok. We had an independent media that was thriving, and growing all the time.

Since then, big tech, the mainstream media, and the political left have engaged in an all-out war against independent media seeking to destroy them. Sadly left wing voters have been mostly complicit in allowing this tyranny spread like a disease. Some are unaware. Some convince themselves, and with no evidence, that everyone being de-platformed must at least secretly be part of some hate group, other see that we are descended into fascism and look the other way, because they really want to see the blue team win over red at the big theatrical performance to be staged this year.

It’s hard to tell if it’s equally, or even more sad and pathetic, but far too many on the right are choosing not to stand up against censorship, but demanding the left be dragged through the same mud. It broke my heart, and made me sad for humanity to see this. Yes, those on the right have faced much heavier censorship. It’s behavior that almost mimics the abused sex slave from the movie pulp fiction, long given up, and with a strong case of Stockholm syndrome. Gone is the ability to fight for what is right. All they hope for is to see other punished just as hard as they have been.

Together, they look to undermine all media. Trump works to get people to stay paying attention to news on TV. Democrats push an absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theory about Russia somehow hacking the election. And I don’t care that Bob Mueller hinted they might have. It wasn’t long ago that I thought everyone on the left knew how much of a liar Mueller was. The anthrax investigation was at the time the most expensive in the history of mankind. It was also a complete fraud. It led to an innocent microbiologist having to die so that somebody could be framed and unable to defend themselves in court.

American Traitors are Pushing Communist Propaganda

And doing it in such a way that it’s putting all independent media at risk

Maatje Benassi, a US Army reservist and mother of two, has become the target of conspiracy theorists who falsely place her at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, saying she brought the disease to China.

The false claims are spreading across YouTube every day, so far racking up hundreds of thousands of apparent views, and have been embraced by Chinese Communist Party media. Despite never having tested positive for the coronavirus or experienced symptoms, Benassi and her husband are now subjects of discussion on Chinese social media about the outbreak, including among accounts that are known drivers of large-scale coordinated activities by their followers.

The claims have turned their lives upside down. The couple say their home address has been posted online and that, before they shut down their accounts, their social media inboxes were overrun with messages from believers of the conspiracy.

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We like to stray into the world of conspiracy theory on occasion here at JunkRatNews, but only when the theories of conspiracy have some kind of evidence to back up these claims. To be pushing conspiracy theories grounded on nothing but baseless speculation is extremely dangerous. I am not even talking about the danger poor Maatje and her husband are faced with either. With people like George Webb making delusional claims they literally pulled out of their own butts, it puts all independent media at serious risk as well.

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Big Players in the NWo Now Pushing IPBES Alongside IPCC

Exclusive: only one species is responsible for coronavirus – humans – say world’s leading wildlife experts

The coronavirus pandemic is likely to be followed by even more deadly and destructive disease outbreaks unless their root cause – the rampant destruction of the natural world – is rapidly halted, the world’s leading biodiversity experts have warned.

“There is a single species responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic – us,” they said. “Recent pandemics are a direct consequence of human activity, particularly our global financial and economic systems that prize economic growth at any cost. We have a small window of opportunity, in overcoming the challenges of the current crisis, to avoid sowing the seeds of future ones.”

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Our desire for economic growth made us sick? You can’t even argue that case in an abstract way. Calls to set up a global surveillance grid. . . and not because they are . . . altruistic? Sorry guys, I don’t think anybody is accusing the IPBES as being too altruistic for having a desire to set up surveillance grids.

There are two leading theories, and one is that our curiosity let to this due to GoF experiments. The other theory, which the UN affiliated IPBES is far more likely to back, is that the virus spawned itself in a wet market. Nobody has ever gotten rich selling animals for slaughter in a wet market. Those are entirely about one cultures desire for extremely fresh meat, combined with a complete lack of care about sanitation. That has nothing to do with economic growth at any cost, at low cost, or high cost.

Just what we needed, another alphabet organization hitting the public with nonsensical claims.


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Who claims that the “World should have listened to us”

The chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said countries that failed to heed its warnings have fared less successfully in their response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus defended the UN body’s response to the outbreak, stating the WHO issued its highest alert when there were only 82 confirmed cases or coronavirus and zero deaths outside China.

The WHO has come in for some criticism in its response to the outbreak, particularly from US president Donald Trump when he called it ‘China-centric’ and threatened to withhold funding.

Speaking at a WHO briefing on Monday, Dr Tedros said: “We can only give advice to countries. We don’t have any mandate to force countries to implement what we advise them. On January 30, we declared the highest level of emergency, global emergency on COVID-19.

“During that time, there were only 82 cases outside China.

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Lol. You would think they are joking, but somehow, they are not. Should have listened to the WHO???? It was back in January when the WHO was trying to push the idea that there was no human to human transmission, and that it wasn’t possible. The idea that the virus began in a wet market seems pretty unlikely considering the bsl-4 bio weapons lab that specialized in coronaviruses was literally right there. . . but considering the WHO is pushing the ridiculous theory that it began in a wet market. . . why did the WHO just go out of their way to say it’s a good idea for China, and the residents of Wuhan specifically, to re-open their wet markets once again? Hundreds of thousands have died, likely more, and the WHO wants to re-opens China’s wet markets before the world has even gotten a handle on this virus? Wow.

To call them China-centric is somehow an understatement.


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Chinese Ambassador Makes Vague Threats In Response To Possible Investigation Into Covid-19

Australia last week called for all members of the World Health Organization (WHO) to support an independent review into the origins and spread of the coronavirus, and is lobbying world leaders.


Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has cautioned China against attempts at “economic coercion” as Australia pushes for an investigation into the coronavirus pandemic that China opposes.

Chinese ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, said in a newspaper interview on Monday the “Chinese public” could avoid Australian products and universities.

Australia last week called for all members of the World Health Organization (WHO) to support an independent review into the origins and spread of the coronavirus, and is lobbying world leaders.

China’s foreign ministry has attacked the proposal.

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Maybe it’s just me, but anybody with nothing to hide would be welcoming an investigation. If a country with credibility on the world stage, such as Australia, performed a thorough investigation which led to a declaration of no wrongdoing, critics of China around the world would be silenced, and move on.

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Facebook ‘Complicit’ In Vietnam Censorship

Amnesty International on Wednesday accused Facebook of “caving” to Vietnam’s strict censorship regime, after the United States (US) tech giant confirmed it was blocking content deemed illegal by the country’s communist government.

Authorities regularly sentence domestic critics to harsh prison terms but have come under fire recently for targeting dissent on the world’s most popular social network. 

Facebook is a popular platform for activists in Vietnam, where all independent media is banned, but the company confirmed in a statement to the media that it had been instructed by Hanoi to restrict access to content “deemed to be illegal”. 

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It’s sad to see big tech, once champions of free speech worldwide, to continue to cave to oppressive regimes looking to control all information. More and more, facebook is looking to help tyrants control public debate, and silence anybody trying to express an opinion that is not government approved.

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