As Central Banks Spark Trading Floor Chaos, Women Traders Blame Sexism

As Central Banks have made a mockery out of trading floors worldwide, the blame of course winds up squarely on…

…gender discrimination?

That’s right: women are starting to desert the trading floor at banks, blaming “bias” and “microaggressions” as reasons for leaving their jobs as traders, according to Bloomberg. The outlet recently profiled women like Camilla Sutton, who left her job because she was often the only woman at top level meetings. She left her job as a trader to work for a company that aims to improve gender diversity. 

Sutton said:

“Very senior women in the industry are going to be the only woman at the table at every table they’re sitting at. It becomes very tiring and exhausting for women who are at senior levels within the industry to continually be faced with the everyday microaggressions.

Perhaps someone should tell her that women can’t break through the glass ceiling if they keep resigning after making it to higher level jobs – but, we digress…

Camilla Sutton​​​​​


Tyler Durden

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