Doctors had asked her to be tested the day she arrived, but the CDC didn’t agree to perform a test until four days later, on Feb. 23.

A woman with flu-like symptoms walked into a 50-bed Vacaville hospital and was treated for three days before her health deteriorated and she was transferred to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento — and five days after that, she tested positive for the new coronavirus.

New details emerged Thursday of the patient, a Solano County resident who is the first case of an individual in the U.S. for whom officials do not know the source of illness, raising the possibility that the virus is circulating in the community. The patient, who is not being identified, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Public health authorities are trying to trace all contacts the woman had after she became sick, but they are not saying where she lives, where she went in her community before she sought care, or who may be at risk of exposure.

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