Everything about police culture in America needs to change. The root of the problem is not even racism and general prejudice, the police also murder white people. While not the root of the issue, the afformentioned racism does come in to play now and then, and often with devastating results. Due to racial profiling, you are far more likely to draw a police officers attention if you are of the wrong skin color. Nobody wants to get caught in the crosshair’s of a sociopath, but while many of us can do what we have to in order to blend in, other are not so lucky. Simply trying to mind your own business as a black person is enough to have these armed and dangerous murderers that we pay for with tax dollars, after you.

Unarmed, laying on his stomach, and literally begging for his life was not enough to keep the police from murdering Daniel Shaver either. He didn’t resist at any point in the interaction, did exactly what was asked of him at every step, and was murdered while lying down on the ground, unarmed. The only thing more disgusting than the psychopath who gunned him down is that a jury somehow let him off with murdering the young man.

Other countries don’t have this problem. To match population size, we are going to pit the USA against Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Japan, and Iceland.

Citizens Killed By Law Enforcement Officials Per Year. USA vs 15 other countries who combine together to have 100 million people more than the USA.

USA: 996

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Japan, and Iceland: 91

Just in case there was any confusion, that’s not 91 civilians killed per country per year. That is all 15 of those countries combining to have only 91 per year.

If you are Canadian, don’t feel smug just yet. 40% of those 91 were in Canada, with Canada by far the 2nd most trigger happy and violent police force on that list. Sure, the total looks okay in contrast to a group of the biggest scum bags in the world, but it can’t stand on it’s own. And is trending in the wrong direction. Canada, a country of just 36 million saw it’s police officers kill more civilians than Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Japan, and Iceland combined. Those countries contain well over 300 milliion people, and combined saw fewer than 30 civilians killed my law enforcement.

Canada has been rapidly trending in the wrong direction, borrowing the wrong tactics and ideas from the Americans,.


Excerpt from Washington Post story;

Graphic video shows Daniel Shaver sobbing and begging officer for his life before 2016 shooting


By Wesley Lowery Dec. 8, 2017 at 11:15 a.m. MST

After the officer involved was acquitted of second-degree murder charges, officials in Arizona publicly released graphic video showing Daniel Shaver crawling on his hands and knees and begging for his life in the moments before he was shot and killed by police in January 2016.

Shaver died in one of at least 963 fatal police shootings in 2016, according to a Washington Post database. And his death was one of an increasing number of such shootings to prompt criminal charges in the years since the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Mo., following the death of Michael Brown. Yet charges remain rare, and convictions even more so.

The shooting, by Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, then an officer with the Mesa Police Department, occurred after officers responded to a call about a man allegedly pointing a rifle out of a fifth-floor window at a La Quinta Inn. Inside the room, Shaver, 26, had been doing rum shots with a woman he had met earlier that day and showing off a pellet gun he used in his job in pest control.AD

The graphic video, recorded by Brailsford’s body camera, shows Shaver and the woman exiting the hotel room and immediately complying with commands from multiple officers. The video was shown in court during the trial, but it was released to the public after jurors acquitted Brailsford on Thursday.

The Washington Post’s 2017 fatal police shooting database

After entering the hallway, Shaver immediately puts his hands in the air and lies down on the ground while informing the officer that no one else was in the hotel room.

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