Maybe you stand on the left side of the political spectrum, and would love nothing more than to see the President lose in the 2020 election. You perception might be that Donald Trump is the big target here for this coordinated attack, so you are happy to sit back and cheer them on. But you are mistaken. Donald Trump has come, and he will go. If not 2020, 2024 at the absolute latest, although at this point it appears to be almost a sure thing that he is gone in a few months. However, the precedent set by what is happening will see it’s legacy go on to negatively hurt humanity for a generation, maybe longer.

On the surface, you could simply argue that what we are witnessing here is a collection of corporations exercising their own rights of free speech. To, “Stop Hate For Profit”. In reality, what we have here is a small collection of billionaires colluding together to determine how best they can use their vast fortunes to control the outcome of not just the election, but the every day lives of ordinary people.

Trump just happens to be the guy sitting there right now.

Personally? I do not even support the republican party, nor do I even consider Donald Trump an ally. There is definitely an argument to be made that what is happening is that these companies are going after Trump because he stands in opposition to the kind of control these corporations want to hold over the population. There might even be truth in that argument. However, I think the main motivation is symbolic. The problem isn’t that Trump is in the way of their plans, the plan is make an example of the president, period. Trump just happens to be the guy sitting there right now, so he will get to face their wrath.

Whether you are from the left or right shouldn’t matter here. Think about it this way. If these corporations are able to ban together and deny the President of the United States of America his basic human rights that are enshrined in the constitution? All charters of rights around the globe are now completely meaningless, and there is no such thing as a ‘human right’ anymore. If you can’t even ensure your own rights as president of the most powerful nation on the planet, it’s beyond hopeless for regular citizens of all social classes, political leanings, status, etc.

The Groups That Are Behind The Corporate Push.

  • This push is being fronted by Derrick Johnson, CEO of the NAACP. They don’t really seem to be at the root of things, but are fronting the effort.
  • A little further back behind the scenes and at the root of this, are organizations such as the somewhat mysterious, semi-anonymous group that call themselves Sleeping Giants. Sleeping Giants are known for their successes being able to silence targets they have on the right side of the political spectrum by launching attacks on advertising partners trying to work with them, essentially de-funding them. They brag about having led attacks against Breitbart News, and Bill O’Reilly, causing significant financial damages.
  • Led by executive director Rashad Robinson, Color of Chance also joined in this push, a group most notable for getting commentator Pat Buchanan kicked off the air for doing an interview on a show that was deemed to be ‘pro-white’ in it’s views. I’ve never heard, or even heard of the show in question, which is titled, “Political Cesspool”, but despite many allegations of racism, I cannot find any published evidence of racism. One would think there was a smoking gun somehwere.
  • Jim Steyer, brother of Tom who ran for the democratic nomination to to run for president, has a group called “Common Sense Media” who put their weight into it early on.
  • Free Press
  • The League of United Latin American Citizens
  • The National Hispanic Media Coalition
  • The Anti-Defimation League

This is economic warfare designed to coerce Facebook not to standing up for human rights. And the public way they are trying to make an example of them is intentional, meant to discourage anyone in the future from having similar ideas.

Let’s be clear though. These groups are not acting to represent and help the communities and groups they represent. These groups are doing what they are specifically to attempt to affect the results of the next election. Facebook itself is a company that is not in any way affiliated with the Republican party, and openly lean left. The trouble is that they do not lean so far left that they will knowingly manipulate the results of an election. According to NAACP CEO Johnson, these groups were pleased when Twitter began censoring the president, but when Zuckerberg allowed the president to post an uncensored message? Johnson said, “When Mark Zuckerberg criticized Jack Dorsey for that, we realized we had even more of a serious problem than we thought.” Making Johnson and friends even more upset was reports that Zuckerberg and Trump had recently shared a phone call. Why they were so angry that Zuckerberg and Trump spent a couple minutes talking is not something anybody has gone on record about, but seems to be part of an us vs them mentality that persists within the groups. Since of of the ‘us’ spoke with the leader of ‘them’, they will face the wrath of the mob.

Regardless of your political leanings, if you oppose the plan to interfere in the 2020 election, these groups will engage in economic warfare against you. They rallied all the business connections they could muster, and are putting them to work in a campaign to try and bully, and intimidate Facebook into becoming more like the Hitler founded Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Facebook already has strict advertising policies. And they are overzealous with enforcement, not slack about it.

There are no people regularly promoting hate groups through ads on Facebook. I can assure you of that. Since the 2016 election Facebook has among the strictest advertising policies that you will find anywhere. They are not at all lenient about enforcing it either. I have personal experience dealing with it, and can attest that the administrators of the advertising program are in fact overzealous in enforcing policies to the point that without breaking a single rule, or policy, or even approaching a gray area, your advertising account for you page, and your personal account for any future page you hoped to create will receive lifetime bans with no option to appeal. I had once posted a video, and within hours it was removed, flagged supposedly for a violation. I appealed, which was an option this first time. I reviewed things with a representative, and it was determined that I violated no rule or policy of any kind. Less than 12 hours later, it was removed again. This time I was not granted the ability to make an appeal. My page and personal accounts were both hit with lifetime bans, barring me from ever advertising again on Facebook.

In case you are curious, my ad featured to no opinions of any kind offered up by me, it was I think the first minute of a video I will link here. You can maybe argue that it could cause the user the consider the possibility of a conspiracy, but I did nothing to suggest one. All I did was point out that an event that took place actually existed. If their own words made them look guilty, that is not my fault.

Like any good terrorist group, they have a list of demands.

DemandsOur thoughts
Establish and empower permanent civil rights infrastructure including C-suite level executive with civil rights expertise to evaluate products and policies for discrimination, bias, and hate. This person would make sure that the design and decisions of this platform considered the impact on all communities and the potential for radicalization and hate.This seems like an entirely unnecessary demand. Facebook as mentioned already has a very robust set of rules and policy’s for advertisers, and it is very strictly enforced.
Submit to regular, third-party, independent audits of identity-based hate and misinformation with summary results published on a publicly accessible website. We simply can no longer trust Facebook’s own claims on what they are or are not doing. A “transparency report” is only as good as its author is independent.I can definitely understand Facebook’s reluctance with this one. They are expected to pay for these ‘regular audits’? The information collected is going to be entirely subjective, but delivered just as stats. What it is, is a mechanism for groups to use to publicly shame and bully Facebook into submission with. They are basically wanting every message that every user ever posts to be recorded, and kept so that users can be judged for them later.
Provide audit of and refund to advertisers whose ads were shown next to content that was later removed for violations of terms of service. We have documented many examples of companies’ advertisements running alongside the horrible content that Facebook permits. That is not what most advertisers pay for, and they shouldn’t have to.This one is just ridiculous. All advertisements will eventually end up ‘next to horrible content’. If this were implemented, then all advertising should technically be free from then on. If you write a message on a screen where there is an ad, and you said something rude, that shouldn’t let some other corporation of the hook for money they owe.
Find and remove public and private groups focused on white supremacy, militia, antisemitism, violent conspiracies, Holocaust denialism, vaccine misinformation, and climate denialism.This is where we start to see demands for mass censorship that should concern everybody. Find and remove hate speech? That’s one thing. But like anything else it’s been a slippery slope. Now these groups are demanding the end to all scientific debate on subjects like climate, and vaccine information as well? What. . . ?? What is the justification for that? What part about a robust debate on climate should have not just the discussion shut down, but the entire group where it was held to be removed?
Adopting common-sense changes to their policies that will help stem radicalization and hate on the platform.Facebook already has policy the same as or similar in function to what is suggested.
Stop recommending or otherwise amplifying groups or content from groups associated with hate, misinformation or conspiracies to users.Conspiracies? Let me be very clear here. 100% of all people believe in conspiracies, because they occur constantly. Some people believe there was government involvement in 9 / 11, others believe the conspiracy theory about Muslim terrorists. Studies show that the larger a group is, the more likely they are to conspire to hide the truth, whether it’s something benign like an employee having thrown recycling in the garbage, or how to get rid of the body of the stripper they just accidentally killed.
Create an internal mechanism to automatically flag hateful content in private groups for human review. Private groups are not small gatherings of friends – but can be hundreds of thousands of people large, which many hateful groups are.This already exists and is in place. I am pretty sure it’s been the case now for years. I am noticing a trend of these groups having a lot of ire against the idea that ‘private groups’ exist that can’t be monitored by them. It really seems to get them going that somebody might be talking to somebody else, and they can’t eavesdrop.
Ensure accuracy in political and voting matters by eliminating the politician exemption; removing misinformation related to voting; and prohibiting calls to violence by politicians in any format. Given the importance of political and voting matters for society, Facebook’s carving out an exception in this area is especially dangerous.This one is a direct attack against the president of the United States. Trump in none of his recent tweets was “glorifying violence”. Trump did voice warnings a couple occasions that conditions were being created that could lead to violent reactions. It was quite literally a plea for citizens to stop committing felonies, that doubled as a warning to people not involved in the looting to do whatever was necessary to get away from areas where looting would occur, because police forces were under instruction to step up their responses.
It would have been especially dangerous to not hear that warning, and end up shot because you didn’t realize.
Create expert teams to review submissions of identity-based hate and harassment. Forty-two percent of daily users of Facebook have experienced harassment on the platform, and much of this harassment is based on the individual’s identity. Facebook needs to ensure that their teams understand the different types of harassment faced by different groups in order to adjudicate claims.Expert teams? I am not entirely sure what this demand is even getting at. Arguably, the team of people facebook has currently working on things are their expert team.
Enable individuals facing severe hate and harassment to connect with a live Facebook employee. In no other sector does a company not have a way for victims of their product to seek help.I think there is some irony here in them demanding the ability for the public to have access to a facebook employee that they can subject to severe hate and harassment, but who will ultimately not be able to help the person with their bigger problems.

Some additional grievances aired by these groups that did not make the official list of demands this time around.

  • According to these groups, the word looting is racist, and any content with the word looting should be removed, and flagged as racist.
  • They claim that by not censoring the president, they are effectively inciting violence against minorities at demonstrations.
  • Zuckerberg assured them that if Trump were not genuinely try to incite violence, that Facebook would remove the post, president or not.
  • Vanita Gupta, formerly of the ACLU and NAACP, current CEO of The Leadership Conference On Civil and Human Rights was eager to hear Facebook’s rationale for not having censored the President when Trump was attempting to reach out. She was not happy with Zuckerberg’s claim. that 1st amendment rights are important, especially when it was the president trying to make an announcement regarding public safety. In response she said, “I was completely dissatisfied with it. It was completely confounding and did not make sense.” She is a smart lady, and a lawyer. Her response isn’t from a lack of knowledge. Her response was a fabricated lie, meant to trick people into having as little respect for the constitution as she does.

Mr Robinson’s comment made me laugh out loud. Lawyers are not divine creatures sent from the heavens to be arbiters of right and wrong. They are more like a sneaky rat that’s been combined with a venomous snake. Lawyers don’t care about what is right or wrong. They argue to win, even when they are wrong, even if their clients are literally monsters. I don’t know how you could even try to argue Trump’s tweet was an act of vote suppression that should have been removed. Well, I do know actually, you would simply have to lie, lie, lie, lie some more, and then lie again. What I don’t know is how you would make the argument without cheating.

And still some more complaints.

  • Executive director for Color of Change said, “I’m seeing Mark’s face as he’s trying to explain to Sherrilyn Ifill” — president of the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund — “why something isn’t voter suppression. He’s trying to talk down one of the most important voting rights litigators in the country,” Robinson said in regard to tweets Trump had made about not wanting to do mail in voting due to susceptibility of fraud.
  • They are extremely upset with Breitbart News being designated as a news source. Essentially demanding that all news be from the same perspective, and that all others should sit down, shut up, and just keep their opinions to themselves.
  • They are also very upset that Check Your Fact 1 of the 6 fact checking companies utilized by Facebook has affiliations with the right side of the political spectrum. All of them though are hypocrites, and to a point where you wonder if they are psychotic because of how well they can lie and omit truth. On a surface level, it does sound worrisome that this organization has partisan connections. However. . . all 6 of them do. And because 5 out of 6 show bias favoring the left, you absolutely need 1 that leans right to even have a semblance of balance. It slants 87 – 13 in their favor, and they are angry? That’s why I made the psychotic comment. I don’t know how you could be so ridiculous and still keep a straight face.

But the real truth is that this has nothing to do with left or right, that’s the distraction. When the dust settles you can be sure, whether you are left or right it will be the same, you lose unless you are the 1% of the 1%. This is class warfare.

This has been brewing for years now, and something many have been unable to imagine. Many are stuck in a the current paradigm, the world of sovereign nation states as the most powerful forces within our universe. When they imagine a new world order, it’s of China rising to the level of the USA, or perhaps even above the US, with a combined Europe maybe gaining clout. In all instances, it’s of a country, or collection of countries running the show. In 2020, those rising fastest in power level are looking to do away with the old paradigm of the nation state. They are the aristocracy, the oligarchs, the globalists, the powers that shouldn’t be. And in 2020, they are not contained or restrained by borders.

These giant supranational corporations exist everywhere at once. These use a complex network of shell companies to completely violate the spirit of the law, and shelter their money in tax havens in far off lands that have nothing to do with their business to avoid paying taxes in the countries they are actually headquartered in. When they want to craft their goods, they look to exploit whatever country has the worst record for abusing human rights, and go with them. Make no mistake, if slavery was still legal anywhere, every single company on this list would be all over that. And make no mistake, if they can rise enough in power level, we will see either literal, or pseudo slavery return to the world in time.

When talking about corporations and serial killers, the Ted Bundy’s of the world actually hold the moral high ground.

Serial killers are often pointed out as a conversational example of something or somebody being the most twister, psychotic, and disturbed something could possibly get. However, every single American serial killer throughout history combined have killed fewer people than your typical big pharma company like Pfizer or Merck has knowingly and deliberately killed. They’ve never come forward out of feelings of guilt and apologized after making the discovery that something they are selling is killing people. They already knew during the drug trials, but were burying the studies that didn’t say what they wanted. When the first people try suing for damages associated with the deaths of their loved one’s, they don’t apologize and eagerly pay out. They look to aggressively ruin you. They will discredit you, drag you through the mud, and look to bankrupt you with an army of high priced lawyers looking to stall the cause for a decade if possible.

Under current laws governing corporations, they might as well be Mammon, the demon representing greed. They are inherently evil. An evil so pure and without empathy it would be an offense to serial killers to make that comparison. The only way to draw an apt comparison requires having to reach into mythology, and invoke the name of a demon. The truly insidious one’s are not even big pharma, or the often maligned oil or tobacco companies. It’s the corporations that claim to be do good’ers. One’s that claim to be socially responsible. This group are the deadliest of all of them because if you are not extremely careful, they lead to people getting confused and mistaking the evil they they and all their peers represent to us all. “Corporate X is one of the good guy’s, they are trying to make the world a better place.”. None of them are trying to make the world a better place.

Money Can Buy All The Good PR You Could Want

As an example, I looked up ‘Socially responsible corporations on google.’. In the first story, it was a list of 6 corporations that you can, and supposedly should be applauding. They are allegedly socially responsible, ethical, and determined to make the world a better place. Ironically, 5 out of 6 appear on today’s list. The #1 most socially responsible corporation? Apparently it’s Google. Then Ben & Jerry’s. Then we have Lego, Levi’s, and Microsoft. Warby’s Parker is not on today’s list. I hate to disagree with the fine writer’s at, but what these companies are currently doing is among the most socially irresponsible things I have ever witnessed.

Nobody within a corporation is ever held accountable from outside of the corporation. Isn’t that a bunch of nonsense? The corporation itself get tried, like a person. Even when that corporation knowingly and intentionally kills people. The people who made the orders that caused death are not punished at all. The same year that it was discovered a single product from Merck pharmaceuticals had killed more than 3,000 Americans, the company never got sent to any kind of prison for the mass murder they intentionally committed for profit. They didn’t even get put on any kind of government naughty list. In fact, the government that year awarded them 9 different grants for over 30 million dollars. Some of them were just massive tax write-offs as these companies will hold states hostage by demanding incentives or taking their business to another state. North Carolina ended up paying them 70 million dollars to keep facilities there even though Merck generates more revenue that the entire state of North Carolina combined has a smaller budget to work with. That includes all levels of government and government services.

The Idea They Are Demanding A Private Corporation Begin A Mass Censorship Campaign That Specifically Attacks The President Is Ludicrous

So all the brilliant minds of all these organizations allegedly wanting to do good in this world are advocating that a greedy soul-less corporation engage in a mass censorship campaign. For them to become gatekeepers of human knowledge, and maintain iron fisted control. For them not just to protect against hate, but to silence anybody trying to add an opposing view that’s trying to contribute to climate science. To end anybody daring to speak up about vaccine related injury, and make sure they are never even heard. These organizations, these companies, and presumably their allies on the left, are all demanding the earthly representation of Mammon, the demon representing greed, but put in charge of determining right from wrong, and what we are privileged enough to learn, or not allowed to know. Sounds brilliant.

How we got here is beyond me. To be in a spot where one of the last hopes for freedom of speech rests upon facebook, it’s lone defender among the whale corporations seeking to end it. They are not campaigning against Twitter, or Google, or any of the other big tech giants. They are all dutifully trying to rig the election already so that there is a change of power. They are lining up to fight Facebook because somehow they are the only one’s left not involved in trying to fix the election.

More Than Just Ludicrous. The Censorship Campaign To Attack the President. For Unelected Billionaire’s To Take Control Over What Even The President Can And Cannot Say Exposes Derrick Johnson As A Complete Fraud Who Should Immediately Resign. A Civil Rights Leader? Trying To End Freedom For Everyone And Make Us Slaves To Billionaires? He Has Made A Complete Joke Of Himself. The Audacity To Try And Claim He Is Fighting For Democracy Is So Big Of A Lie It’s Amazing He Didn’t Burst Into Flames Speaking It.

While plenty of lip service is given to them saying, “Facebook remains unwilling to take significant steps to remove political propaganda from its platform,”, Facebook has put in the work to do just that. But when you let him talk for long enough, NAACP president and CEO Derrick Johnson consistently makes it clear in the end that it’s all about, “our elections as we head into 2020.”. At these companies that have joined Johnson in his attempt to derail democracy while pretending to save it? They are just a portion of the more than 500 companies who joined the effort to interfere in the 2020 election by trying to coerce Facebook, who has the reach they wish they had, to begin censoring the presidents words.

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