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Those actually working the frontlines of the crisis in China have reported that even with a 5x increase in the number of people dying, only 6% are being reported as deaths due to “pneumonia”, not covid-19. 37% are being reported to have died due to “suspected pneumonia”.  Even if you take their deaths out of the equation. Which is 43% of the total don’t forget, workers are dealing with 3x more dead than usual in addition.

The population density in Wuhan is more than 6x greater than in Italy.   Italy just reported more than 450 deaths in a single day. You can bet good money that China’s worst day for deaths was a lot more than 150.  You can bet good money that in Wuhan alone they have had approaching 3000 dead. All while trying to claim that the total number of deaths is around 3,000.  Total. For the entire country. They are lying, and on an epic scale.  

Even still in North America, while some are panicking, many are going about their daily lives as usual.  Many are preaching to others that this is nothing to be concerned of, or that it’s almost entirely a media fabrication.  If the human brain takes in information early, and in repetition, most people do not calibrate and adjust to new information.  Their minds are completely closed off to it. And what most people heard, early, and in repetition, was that this virus was no worse than a common flu.  Or, even that the common flu was much worse.

Why does everybody keep comparing it to the flu?

The Spanish flu was the deadliest pathogen that has ever swept across the globe claiming approximately 50 million victims.  The Spanish flu had a mortality rate of only 2.5%. So far in Italy, the Covid-19 has laid to rest 8% of those who have caught the virus, a number that is not trending down, but up. 

This virus did not spontaneously manifest itself in a wet market.  It didn’t come from someone eating bat soup, or making any other kind of soup.  Steps away from this wet market was a BSL-4 bioweapons lab where they had a researcher who specialized in studying the most prolific coronaviruses.  We don’t need Sherlock Holmes, or any other famous real life detectives on the case. We could put a child on the case, and one completely unfamiliar with Occam’s Razzor.  Did the virus spontaneously manifest itself out 

of thin air in the wet market?  Or did the virus escape from the lab in the wet market?  The lab that studied exotic and deadly coronaviruses?

There is nothing even a little bit racist about assigning blame where blame is due.  That a situation might reflect poorly on one world leader or another is in no way judging a person for the color of their skin, their background, ancestry, or anything beyond their control.  Most people are not bringing it up to even blame China, or any other nation, but more out of scientific curiosity of where it originated. Those assigning blame? They are doing so because of the actions of another, and for consequences that were brought down upon all of us as a result of their decisions and lack of competency. Prejudices are unfair because it is people judging you for things beyond your control.  Being judged based upon your actions and decisions is as fair as it gets. 

Chinese people are well respected internationally.  They are considered hard working, intelligent, disciplined, and these events don’t do anything to change that general perception.  If anyone is holding negative views in any way relating to China, it’s almost entirely directed at their current government. More specifically, their handling of the virus outbreak.

Is the rest of the world forced into the bio-weapons arms race?

The best “in defense of China” argument I can muster regarding the Chinese coronavirus that swept over Wuhan before proliferating to the rest of the world, is that they felt as thought they had to study these types of deadly pathogens.  There have been multiple international agreements made banning the use of bio-weapons, but it’s not really a secret that the American government has invested heavily into studying them.  

They were very interested in them back in the Raegan before seeming to fade a little bit.  Unfortunately, during the Bush administration that followed Clinton, it was declared that it was against their national interests to not be studying and developing bio-weapons.  Today it’s been estimated the US employs upwards of 13,000 researchers working in ‘health sciences’ specifically relating to bio-weapons. With the US pouring so much funding into bio-weapons, other nations will surely follow, even if it’s mostly to come up with an idea of what the American’s are capable of.  It’s public knowledge that multiple countries were in fact studying coronaviruses. That information is publicly available, and doesn’t require the use of spies to discover. 

There is no reason any nation should ever build BSL-4 bio labs.  It’s always done under the guise of disaster preparedness, and sold as being for defensive purposes only.  For the sake of argument, let’s even assume that 100% of these labs in the world are entirely for defensive purposes, and that none of them are even trying to develop offensive capabilities.  Even then, in a scenario where all the leaders of the world are the best of friends and don’t want to hurt each other, these labs are still putting all of humanity at risk.  

Like keeping a gun for the purpose of fighting off middle of the night intruders

It’s not entirely different than the idea of buying a gun to protect your family from intruders.  I am pro – gun rights. I believe all people of good mental health should become legal firearm owners. And not because I am a hunting enthusiast, I don’t kill for sport..  However, when it comes to middle of the night intruders, everyone is much safer if you are reaching for a bat, a golf club, or baton of some kind. Even a giant machete, an axe, or sword would be a better option.    

There is a 99% chance your gun in that scenario will be used to commit a felony, by a member of your family in a suicide that never would have happened if causing death wasn’t that easy in that particular moment, or to shoot somebody by accident that you didn’t mean to shoot.  In those instances where you are shooting somebody by accident, it’s usually the same family members you bought the gun to try and protect.

Is influenza A even a natural virus?

As a perfect example, we can talk about the flu, a virus that everybody seems to love using as a comparison point for other viruses.  There is nothing novel about type A influenza. The type A influenza’s that ravage the world today came directly from what was an extinct lineage of the virus.  It is not known who created this particular virus for certain, but the US, China, and Russia all experienced very unique outbreaks within 1 year of each other, with a virus that was exactly replicated from the early 1950’s.  That strain may not have been of natural origin either, but dug up from bodies lying in permafrost.  

The flu so routinely fells between 30,000 to 50,000 people that nobody really bats an eyelash at that anymore.  But, before bioweapons labs were fully investing into studying the flu, there was 3,350 American’s dying in a year from the flu.  There was a study that reviewed data from 1976 to 2007, and found that in years where the man altered type A strains were present, the mortality rate was 3x greater than in those it wasn’t.  

In recent years, many governments have decided it would be a good idea to dig up bodies who died infected with the deadliest pathogen to ever sweep across humanity.  The US was doing it, and studying that and similar viruses in the 200+ bio-weapons labs operating in all 50 states. 

Hundreds of bioweapons labs exist today, in at least 13 countries

Today such labs exist in China, Russia, the UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Israel, and likely others too.  None of these labs are safe. Not one. You can create all the protocols you want, even make them twice as secure as you would need. . . but that only makes them twice as secure ‘on paper’.  It’s nice when ‘in theory’, they are safe, but there is a variable that exists in all of those labs that cannot ever be fully accounted for. Humans. We might be mostly lovable creatures that mean well more often than we mean harm, but we are prone to making mistakes.  

Safety violations at these labs are kept secret, so as not to alarm the public.  There was an incident where weapons grade anthrax was mailed out to 19 different places.  Oops. Cattle were infected in a University’s lab experiments, then mistakenly sold off for human consumption.  On multiple occasions. Rodents infected with deadly diseases, then going missing? Of course! Not disposing correctly of medical waste from these experiments, then discovering local wildlife and rodents using these infectious materials to craft nests?  Sadly, yes.  

Safety and procedural violations are putting us all at risk

From 2006 – 2013 there was over 1500 reported incidents at bio-weapons labs in the united stats, and countless others covered up without report.  Sometimes it wasn’t even due to human error, as mechanical issues, and equipment failure has caused their fair share. Researchers will often wear what look like giant space suits when working with the absolute deadliest pathogens, but 37 times over a year and a half period the suits ripped, exposing the scientist.  In other instances, it was wildlife doing as the living do when they are caged and experimented on, it attacked. In 2009, a researcher died of the plague after becoming infected. Somebody thought that what the 2000’s was missing was a nice blast from the past, like the plague. 

These labs don’t merely study the most dangerous pathogens known to man, and work to bring back disease we eradicated decades, and centuries ago.  If that were the case, while they would still represent one of our most likely causes of extinction, it wouldn’t be as scary. You see, these labs don’t simply observe the viruses, but conduct GoF experiments with them.  

GoF stands for gain of function, and what these experiments are all about is boosting these pathogens.  In an effort to prepare for what could theoretically happen, they are genetically modifying these viruses to make them super viruses.  Like taking an extremely lethal disease that doesn’t spread very well, and crossing it with the common cold, or taking something that is extremely virulent, and crossing it with something that causes extremely high rates of mortality.  Just for funsies. 

No sane person would overlook the giant coronavirus factory, and declare that the virus manifested itself out of thin air on the doorstep of that facility, with no connection to it whatsoever. Not unless they were pushing an agenda of some kind.

The strain of coronavirus currently causing panic across the globe didn’t really attach to humans very well, until it was edited and wrapped in an envelope of the HIV-1 virus, a virus that does attach extremely well to human hosts.  Yet we still have shils such as Bruce Y Lee writing for Forbes, claiming to debunk that this virus came out of a laboratory. The evidence he presents is that it infects humans too well. Yep. Nevermind that studies have already revealed that the edits seen in Covid-19 are unlikely to be fortuitous in nature, and wouldn’t randomly mutate in such a way.  Despite having such a great name, he is shill, and one that thinks the general population is stupid. 

To concoct some crazy story about how it spontaneously manifested out of thin are would be like stumbling upon a scene where you see a body dropping to the ground, bullet hole clearly visible, and standing there is a man with a gun in his hand, the only other living creatures nearby at a dog, and a couple birds, and then concocting some wild tale about how it was a dog assassin.  And still believing that wild theory after hearing the man confess to having intent to kill the person, that the gun was brought that day specifically to murder them.

Bruce say’s that there is nothing unusual about having a BSL-4 lab in Wuhan.  Considering it’s the only lab of it’s kind in all of China, it’s pretty safe to say it’s highly unusual.  Even if others exist in different cities, in different countries. He admits they conduct experiments with deadly pathogens, and more specifically, with coronaviruses.   And he admits that the origin of the virus was within a few steps of this lab. But, he then states that proximity is not proof of guilt. That pockets of air cannot even escape from such a lab ( yeah, right ).  In his opinions, humans don’t ever make errors, so that is proof the virus spontaneously manifested itself on the doorstep outside of the BSL-4 lab, with nothing at all connecting it to the coronaviruses being studied on the other side of the door.

I’m embarrassed for him, but I still don’t believe in fairy tales. 


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