That might be a strange title to anyone who has never heard of Twitter’s plan to improve the health of the conversations online. As I will detail in this article though, Twitter wants to trap you in a ‘shared reality’. Not entirely different from the existence of the humans in the Matrix movies, except we are still walking around instead of being used as batteries to power robots. It seems that over the last few years, Twitter has really taken it to heart all the accusations of their platform being used in various ways to promote hate, harass, or try to influence elections. They have partnered with MiT, who have launched the cortico program. It seems their plan to fight back against those looking to manipulate others, they are looking to use science to become the masters of manipulation, able to influence others greater than anyone has done before.

Rather than try to educate people, and remind users not to immediately trust everything they read online, instead the solution they jump to is to control what you think through covert manipulation tactics that only those running the platform could be capable of pulling off. Shadow banning was likely a tactic with this same mentality in mind. In case you are unaware, shadow banning is the practice of secretly banning somebody, and isolating them into a box. The shadow part of that phrase comes from never telling the one you are banning, or anybody who follows them that they are being banned. Sometimes, the person who has received the shadow ban might go on posting for weeks, not even realizing that nobody can see what they have posted. More often than not, the followers of this person won’t even notice. Their profile still exists. Most of the time, unless you very closely follow the person in question, you won’t even notice the shadow ban happened, and soon forget this person ever existed. It’s a truly insideous and shady way to handle account suspensions. To quietly make them disappear without making it look like they are gone.

The 4 point plan to control the health of online conversations.

1. Shared attention.

Is there overlap in what we are talking about? How much of the worlds attention is on the same topic vs disparate?

To read between the lines here for a second, what we are talking about here is Twitter and MIT looking to discover ways to somehow force all of us onto the same topic at their desire. To literally turn us into a flock of sheep, and only paying attention to the topic they want us paying attention to. Apparently, diversity of thought, opinions, beliefs, and interests, is something that has been deemed poisonous to the conversation online.

2. “Shared reality”.

Are we using the same facts? Verbatim quote from Jack Dorsey, “This is what percentage of the conversation shares the same facts. Not whether those facts are truthful or not, but are we sharing the same facts as we converse?”

The shared reality that Twitter’s CEO is looking to create has no care or regard for actual reality. It doesn’t care whether or not vaccines are harmful, if the government says that are good for you, they want to be able to ensure that everyone on Twitter has only that opinion. If the government began conducting harmful and sometimes lethal experiments on citizens in Wyoming, or Seoul, Beijing, London, or Cairo, it wants to be able to ensure that nobody is able to express that in a public setting without their algorithms being able to ban it before anyone see’s. They don’t care if you invented fact checking, and have a dozen trustworthy people to back up your account, all from respected professions, all willing to sign sworn affidavits to support your claim. The shared reality Jack Dorsey is looking to create does not care about what is truth, or what is real. It cares only that we are all regurgitating the same facts that we were told to believe by the gatekeepers.

3. Receptivity.

Are we open, civil, and listening to different opinions? How much of the conversation are we civil vs toxic?

This one is a goal that would be almost universally supported. Few people want their Twitter interactions to be toxic. Ok, probably a lot more than a few, but I feel like even the majority of people adding to the toxicity of the environment would answer that is something they want if posed the question. The question though is how could this ever be enforced? Unfortunately, the answer is mostly clever and deceptive manipulation, and the complete annihilation of everybody’s rights to free speech. This goal would require being doubly manipulative though considering #4 is the attempted removal of your right of freedom of association.

4. Variety

Are we exposed to different opinions grounded in shared reality?

Like number 3, I am a huge fan of the goal, the ideal number 4 is looking to promote. Much of what is not well about today’s society has it’s roots in this exact issue. Too many of us are living in echo chambers, and are not exposed to people outside of our tiny little bubbles. Our tiny little bubbles by some measure might stretch right across the globe, but that’s not what is meant by this. What this means is how our tiny little bubbles only seem to include people who think almost exactly like we do, share the same opinions that we do, support the same causes, politicians, and so on. It was for good reason that topics like politics was considered taboo in conversations, because that is not who you are as a person no matter how much you try and make it part of your identity. In a world where that topic isn’t brought up in conversations, Republicans and Democrats have been able to get along just fine because there is almost no differences between an average supporter of either side at all. In a world like that, where people are not proudly wearing what divides us on their sleeve, or hat, we see the things that bring us together, the things we have in common. Unfortunately, more and more people wear which political team they cheer for as a bad of honor, and divide into groups based on something that is as staged as WWE wrestling.

We are 99.9% the same. You are not 40% the same as your neighbor you hate. Humans are a 45% genetic match to banana’s.

In our world, there are many Democrats, and Republicans that can so easily demonize the other group. The reason it’s so easy is because they have never associated with one of ‘them’. They are overlooking the fact that their DNA is a 99.9% match. They speak the same language. Are from the same country. Both love their country and want what’s best for it. Like many of the same foods. Grew up watching the same shows. Each have stories about their grandmothers they can tell that both can laugh about because they share the same story. Had many of the same experiences pining over romantic interests. Many of the exact same experiences in school. Can bond over work stories of dealing with the exact same issues. Both have a neighbor that you would swear is the same guy when they tell the story.

Descending into tribal politics is harmful in ways I never even imagined growing up, but am able to see more clearly now. Everybody is so pre-occupied pointing their fingers at their neighbors as the source of all their problems, that nobody is able to see the big picture. You neighbor is not the source of any of your problems. On a micro level, your neighbor might very well be the source of numerous problems for you. In some instances where criminals are involved, they can even be a very real threat to your existence. More often than not, nothing like this is the problem. The neighbor is just somebody who is different than you. Thinks differently. Hangs out with different people. They become somebody seen as an existential threat to your very existence and way of life simply for existing. People fear that this difference might be contagious, something that might infect more people around them and being to spread, as if they were some kind of virus. All of that is nothing more than the effects of a lifetime of subtle brainwashing clouding your mind. It’s all just a big distraction that keeps you from paying attention to the things that truly matter. The things that are truly an existential threat to both you, and your neighbor, who need to be rallying together if there is any hope to turn things around. Even if neither of you would vote for the same person.

The left and the right wing? They both belong to the same bird. About as different as opposite sides of the same coin.

The Democrats? The Republicans? They are owned by the same bankers and corporate CEO’s, who are the ones truly pulling the levers of power. Trump, Hillary, Biden? I’m sorry, but the only difference between them is which side they pander to with empty and hollow rhetoric. The results speak for themselves though. They might as well call themselves the Republicrats, or the Demicans. Tribal politics among the population has left almost everybody blind to the fact that the wealthiest among us have gone into every election for the last 30 years owning both candidates. Maybe even worse than that fact, is that tribal politics allows both sides to get away with unspeakable and almost unimaginable levels of corruption.

We’ve reached a point where the Republican president could literally gun somebody down in the street and people will find a way to excuse it.

The democrats are really no different either. Like mindless automations, they form a protective shield around their former president, and claim everyone else is a conspiracy theorist, or racist, or out to make their person look bad. No matter what. If I were to point out what I believed were Obama’s 5 worst mistakes as president, 90% of the democrats who heard me would accuse me of making it all up. And nothing can be said to get them to accept reality. No amount of proof exists that will change their minds. I am not strictly speaking about a conversation at a restaurant or bar where nobody has a cell phone to verify anything, but even conversations online, somewhere like reddit. Somewhere you have room to express yourself, and can post 3 links to back up and verify each and every claim you make.

In 2020, exposing crime gets you treated as the criminal, while the criminals are free to rob not only us, but our future generations.

It’s gotten to a point where criminals are allowed to rob us blind. The wealthy have been engaging in class warfare against us for decades, and have been so effective that our children, and their children’s lives may not recover from what we have allowed to take place under our nose, over our heads, and all around us. Because we are so laser focused on nearly meaningless details. While the criminals are put into positions of power instead of punished, it’s instead those trying to expose crime that are treated like the criminals. That is the world we’ve created for ourselves by doing nothing at all to even try and hold politicians accountable since world war 2. This might be shocking to many, but it’s not a requirement that you vote for a democrat or a republican. If in your mind you just thought, “But it’s a wasted vote.”, that’s more proof of the same brainwashing I was speaking of earlier. You will likely get angry at me for suggesting that. It doensn’t matter that you are kind of unsure where that idea came from exactly. Maybe you have a photographic memory, and can tell me the exact day you first heard that, and from whom. But you don’t need to bother. I don’t know you, but I can already tell you that you heard it used as a figure of speech. As a saying. Spoken like some ancient Chinese proverb of wisdom, passed down from an era that is completely meaningless and irrelevant for using as a comparison to the world in the year 2020. And when you heard that figure of speech, just as happened to the person speaking it to you, not one shred of evidence was passed along with it to support the theory. The reason is because it’s bs, made up by those in power, to make people believe they have no choice but to submit.

Humanity needs to wake up from our long slumber.

Like, ‘Death and taxes’ as being things you can’t escape. Maybe we all die. Walt Disney might disagree, frozen somewhere along with some of his friends. But for the sake of argument, we’ll just say everyone dies. But do you really think everybody pays a fair share of taxes? As an example, Amazon is the most valuable company on the planet. The revenue it generates dwarfs entire industries. In a world even resembling fair, it should be paying the most taxes of any entity as well, no? Over the last 2 years, guess how much they paid in federal taxes? It wasn’t nothing, at least not total. In 2017, it was $0.00. In 2018? It was $-129,000,000. In case you didn’t notice, there is a minus sign before the 129 million. The most valuable company on the entire planet. One that doubled it’s revenue through that time period, not struggled. And at the end of the year, you the taxpayer owed them 129 million dollars. Richest man in the world who owns the worlds most valuable company, and after an entire year of bleeding you dry and destroying the small businesses of your neighbors, and you owe him 129 million dollars in tax money on top of the 11 billion he made. And nobody really seemed to notice, or not enough case, because everyone is either too busy intentionally misgendering a trans person, or angry because somebody else misgendered a trans person. Even though it’s an issue that probably doesn’t affect you in any way. I am not saying that is a meaningless issue, but that is a perfect example of getting so focused on the fate of a tree, that everyone failed to notice the entire rest of the forest was cut down while this one tree got so much attention, and now all of us are F$%^#@.

In our world, not the shared reality Twitter is looking to create, but in our actual reality, putting in the work to discover where this coronavirus outbreak originated, and the true story behind it doesn’t come with acknowledgements of any kind. It results in getting banned. Deplatformed. Silenced by admitted pedophiles. And forgotten by a population that is too fixated on a lack of sports being played, or which puppet will pretend they are in charge beyond 2020 as they pretend to lead the country.

Some humerous articles by Fake news propaganda outlets, laughably warning about the dangers of fake news. They don’t pass out this label passed on how truthful somebody is, they don’t care for truth or facts at all. These are seemingly unrelated stories, but they are not. This is the media trying to enforce a shared reality upon us. If you are one of them, or parrot back only the same information they do, you are ‘real news’. All dissenting opnions are labelled fake news, and dangerous. Twitter is not alone in this quest to enforce a shared reality.


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