(Natural News) The Black Lives Matter movement is spilling out into rural America. Demonstrations and riots can now be found in smaller, less diverse neighborhoods outside of the United States’ largest metropolitan areas. One example is Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a 93 percent White city of just around 50,000 people.

Relatively peaceful demonstrations have been occurring in Coeur d’Alene on a near-daily basis since as early as June 13. The organizers have been conducting marches across the city and “sit-ins for peace” in a town which, just two decades ago, had to deal with parades from the Aryan Nations, a White supremacist organization. On Juneteenth, locals even held a panel discussion with BLM members to talk about racism.

“I was just tired of staying silent when the Black community continues to struggle,” said Laurali Strong, an 18-year-old White woman who helped organize one of the demonstrations.

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Editors note: If the only information that I had access to came through the TV, I would probably be among them.

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