Is Trump throwing free speech down the toilet?

(Natural News) It’s been well documented that the country’s tech behemoths have routinely engaged in censorship and outright bans of conservative and independent media reporting news and opinions that run afoul of their Left-wing sensibilities.

But what’s been puzzling is why President Donald Trump has not done much about it. 

It’s not that the president hasn’t noticed. In March 2019, as NewsTarget reported, Trump called out big tech for colluding with the Democrat Party to silence conservatives ahead of the 2020 election: 

Liberty-minded tech startups and independent media publishers have been pleading with President Donald Trump to take on the conservative bias and potential anti-trust violations by the Big Tech giants and he’s finally done it.

“Actually it’s incredible that I won the election because you know it was so rigged against me,” he said in an interview with Breitbart News. “It wasn’t Russians. Russia collusion was a delusion. But what there is, is there was collusion between the Democrats and these tech companies.”

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