Police, as usual, are not expected to find any sign of serious wrongdoing. The benefits of, and cruel joke that is police investigating themselves of wrongdoing. The cruelest of all jokes that day though, was played by psychotic thug Mike Boszormeny, as he beat an unarmed woman whom he had already pinned to the ground.

Brockville, Ont., police say they are currently investigating an incident caught on video, showing one of their police officers punching a woman while arresting her earlier this week.

Global News was sent the video Wednesday evening, taken in Brockville, a small city about an hour east of Kingston, Ont., which shows a local police officer struggling to arrest a woman.

Global News has confirmed the woman’s name is Melissa Ross.

In an interview, Ross says she knew she had missed a “couple sign-ins at police” due to “personal issues” that week.

She said she called her lawyer to tell her about the missed sign-ins, and that she believed her lawyer was contacting Brockville police to see what she should do next.

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