(Natural News) If it were up to failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Americans would be stuck in lockdown forever. And those that are trying to leave their government-erected human cattle pens even now are guilty of “domestic terrorism,” she says. Speaking against the armed protests taking place in Michigan, Clinton stated that free speech and the First Amendment “cannot be tolerated.” Instead, Americans need to just put on their masks, walk in six-foot-distanced formations at all times, and keep their mouths shut, according to Clinton.

“Armed men storming a legislature to disrupt its democratic proceedings is domestic terrorism,” Clinton wrote in a recent tweet, not from her rightful prison cell but presumably from one of her luxury estates. “It cannot be tolerated.”

Clinton’s declaration against freedom-loving Americans comes on the heels of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order that Michiganders basically stay home forever until the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) stops existing, or something. And rather than accept this unconstitutional “order,” many Michiganders are protesting against it, which Clinton thinks is akin to a terrorist attack.

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Across the country, state legislators have created laws and issued orders that are in direct violation of the constitutional rights of American citizens. Politics have become so tribal that people on the left will take up the opposite argument against Trump or his voting base, even if it were to put them at odds with their own beliefs. Defending freedom can’t just be a partisan issue, or freedom will be lost.

Those on the right need to be more accommodating right now at these events, and extend the olive branch to any outsiders willing to stand up and fight back against tyranny.

And regardless of if they do or don’t, those on the left need to wake up quickly. Protecting your human rights is not a partisan issue. If you don’t like how it’s been done by those on the right, hold a parallel protest. Almost like a counter protest. Except you are the 2 sides, while still refusing to co-operate, agree to something of a temporary truce to go after those who are truly holding us all back. This will end up dramatically worse for us all if we refuse to stand up and be heard.


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