Jason Kenney says Liberal government lacks ‘courage to defend the interests of Canadians’

Peter ZimonjicJohn Paul Tasker · CBC News 

Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to rail blockades and the approval of the Teck Frontier oilsands mine is driving business investment out of Canada. (Canadian Press )

Outgoing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer today accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of driving away energy sector investment, saying his “weakness and fear” in dealing with opponents of oilsands development killed the Teck Frontier project “through delay and by constantly moving the goalposts.”

Scheer’s office issued a statement today after speaking with Trudeau earlier Monday. In it, Scheer claims Trudeau showed “weak leadership” in his response to rail blockades and argues the resulting “political unrest” led Vancouver-based Teck Resources to withdraw its application to build a massive oilsands mine in northern Alberta.

“Highlighting how Mr. Trudeau’s weakness and fear in dealing with his left-wing caucus and radical activists forced him to kill this project through delay and by constantly moving the goalposts, Mr. Scheer asked the prime minister why the Teck Frontier Project approval sat on his desk since July,” said the statement from Scheer’s office.

The statement goes on to say that “the prime minister’s weakness over the last few weeks has sent a signal to businesses across Canada that the rule of law will not be upheld, court injunctions will not be enforced and major projects cannot get built.”

The statement says Trudeau has to take stronger action before protests “shut down the economy completely.”

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