You’ve heard that the independent media (i.e. the media that actually challenges the establishment narratives) is full of Russian bots, and you probably know that this is neo-McCarthyist hooey. But did you know that most of the major newswires and online news outlets are already publishing bot-generated content? Well they are. So what does it mean that the establishment fake news is coming from the hand of bots? Find out in this edition of The Corbett Report.

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While this man didn’t invent open source journalism, he is certainly the one who introduced the concept to us over here at . Mr Corbett is a shining example of everything you would hope and want a journalist to be, and that’s what he won’t be appearing on your TV anytime soon. But, don’t just take his word for it, he provides links to back up everything he is selling, unlike ‘professionals’, who don’t because they can’t, because far too often they are lying.

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