(Natural News) There’s one big question on everyone’s minds now that it’s been revealed that Google CEO Sundar Pichai lied under oath to Congress about Google “manually intervening” in users’ search results, and it’s this: Why isn’t the Trump administration trying to deliver justice?

Even as Roger Stone is convicted and sentenced to basically life in prison for crimes he didn’t even commit, Pichai is continuing on with business as usual, as if nothing even happened. And that’s because the federal government, even under Donald Trump, is reluctant to hold Google and its executives accountable for their crimes.

Real journalists over at The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) did an excellent job uncovering the truth about Google, and exposing Pichai as a liar. And yet, it would seem as though the whole thing is being swept under the rug just as we enter another presidential election year.

I hope they keep fighting the good fight at The Natural News, because they are quick, and scathing. But, also correct to point out that Pichai lied and committed perjury in front of congress. As someone with anti-American traitorous value, he should be brought in for more questions.

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