Every major medical body and federal office agrees: vaccines are safe and effective. But that’s often not the message you get if you’re a parent poking around online. Doctors are now questioning whether big tech companies share the blame for an alarming rise in unvaccinated kids, reports CBS News’ Tony Dokoupil. Amazon, Facebook, and Google all seem to be trying to fix that, but where is the line between protecting a community and censoring it?

“The Greater Good” is a documentary challenging the scientific consensus that vaccines are safe. While it includes some mainstream scientists, it’s one of at least five films Amazon apparently pulled from its popular streaming video service after being contacted by Congressman Adam Schiff.

“They did take steps to de-emphasize the misinformation,” Schiff said.

Essentially, making them harder to find and harder to get. For Schiff, “maybe that’s the right balance.”

Amazon declined to comment on or even confirm the move but it came hours after Schiff sent an open letter calling on the company to stop “surfacing and recommending” content that “discourages parents from vaccinating their children.” 

“What makes you comfortable having these tech companies decide what should rise and what should be suppressed? It’s a big responsibility,” Dokoupil asked.

“It is. I can’t say that I am all that comfortable with that idea,” Schiff said. “But I think here, where you’re talking about an immediate threat to public health, where you’re talking about a very strong scientific consensus, I think that cuts in favor of the exercise of social responsibility.”

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Editors Note: It’s kind of funny, we take a very different stance that the authors of the article on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. However, even they can see the very slippery slope that Democrats are pushing us down, and also wonder whether or not we will be able to stop our descent once we get rolling.

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