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Law enforcement in Flint, Michigan decided to let a black man off the hook after he assaulted a white man in a Macy’s store. Right now in the U.S., white people are being shamed and told to submit to black power and the Marxist black lives matter (BLM) movement. Police officers are taking less action against black people, for fear of backlash from the growing BLM mob and Antifa terrorists who continue to pillage cities across the country.

It seems an entire race of people now have the impunity to commit violent crimes across America without consequence.

Black power thug assaults innocent man in broad daylight, yet no charges filed

Blacks now have total immunity against prosecution for violent crime across America, even when their violent crimes are caught on video. The Macy’s video shows a cowardly black thug knocking a smaller white man to the tile. The thug proceeds to punch the man while he’s lying on the floor. The thug continues to intimidate, attack and use expletive racial slurs. The white man is knocked around on the floor, and begs for mercy as the bigger thug stands over him and kicks him around.

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Editors note: This is a frightening prospect should it become a trend that continues. If it does, nobody wins in the short term. If you want to guess who wins in the long term? I can give you hint. In the event of a race war in a predominantly white country, it’s not black people who come out better than they were.

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