Communist party works overtime in shaping narrative to maintain grip on power

TOKYO — The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper, recently admonished the U.S. and Europe in an editorial over their failure to contain the new coronavirus and implement adequate countermeasures.

The March 14 editorial was published under the auspices of the People’s Daily newspaper, the main mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.

Prior to the editorial, China had frequently trumpeted its response to the virus, almost demanding global gratitude for its efforts to slow the contagion. This is absurd.

The novel coronavirus, which has wrought so much pain for so many, originated in China. Expecting accolades for slowing its spread — especially without acknowledging responsibility — is akin to a person lighting a fire then seeking praise for helping extinguish it.

Last week, however, Beijing went to bizarre new lengths to distance itself from any responsibility for the pandemic. A senior official of the Chinese Foreign Ministry tweeted that the U.S. military may have been responsible for COVID-19 infecting China.

Understandably, the conspiracy theory provoked a strong protest from the U.S.

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