Today I am writing about a subject matter that is a little bit personal for me, and that is community water fluoridation.  In case you are not aware of what that is, it is the barbaric practice of dumping ‘medicine’, or ‘minerals’ into the water, and it’s done because supposedly, it help

I should begin by saying I am not an impartial, and unbiased person reporting on this issue today, I am very much against fluoridation.  Simply making the word against appear bold doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Why am I so dead set against community water fluoridation?  

I spent nearly half of my life suffering, in severe pain and agony that is believe to be just as intolerable as giving birth, because of fluoridation.  I am not a woman, nor have I had children, though I am heard testimony from women who have, and have had similar problems that I faced. While the pain levels are supposedly similar, one major difference is that if labor from pregnancy last 18 hours, it is considered pretty rare and extreme.  My suffering lasted for almost 15 years. Not every minute of every day. Sometimes, if I was willing or able to spend 5 – 10 thousand dollars, I could purchase for myself months without pain so intense it drowns out all your thoughts. Except for the ones pleading with you to end it that is.  

I grew up in a nice suburb near a major city.  I had regular twice a year dentist visits growing up.  I brushed my teeth regularly. I didn’t realize it at the time, not until much later, but I can remember when I was 12 and 13 years old my father pointing out more than a few times a weird staining on my teeth.  He was convinced I wasn’t brushing correctly, but no amount of brushing my teeth could erase it, because it wasn’t an external stain. My teeth were showing the stain from the inside. My enamel that should have been a very opaque white, it was almost translucent instead.  By the time I finished school, nearly every molar in my mouth had been worked on already, some 5 years before and were already decaying severely.  

One of my teeth had a filling.  Then it needed a root canal. Before too long, another root canal was needed, this time with a crown.  It didn’t take long before this one single tooth of my was a 10,000 dollar investment on my part, and do you know what happened next?  In less than a years time, it broke, and was beyond repair.  

By the time I reached 20 years of age, my teeth were falling out en masse.  It gave me the appearance of being a drug addict, except without any of the benefits of actually being on drugs.  I at least think it did anyways, because I was never provided any relief at doctors offices or hospitals over the following years.  During those years it became all too common for me to be casually snacking on something, and for a tooth to break apart in my mouth, shattering into 6 – 12 pieces.  Those were the lucky occassions. Other times it would split the way most have experience with a finger nail, where my tooth would be in 3 pieces, but 3 pieces that were still connected by the root, and still in my biteline.  

By the time I was 25 years old, I was having the last of my teeth removed, and getting fitted for dentures, and trying to figure out what in the frick happened.  I eventually came to learn that I had a condition that caused it I had never before heard of. Severe dental fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is a condition that is caused by the build-up of fluoride within our bodies.  We excrete a percentage out of our body, mostly through urine, but we also absorb a great deal of it too.  In starts to crystallize and calcify in our bones, in our teeth, even in our brains where it is known to damage the pineal gland and mess up your endocrine system, which is extremely important to maintaining good health.  How was this even possible?

Well, it turns out I had been drinking fluoridated water my entire life.  Our vegetables have a fluoride in them too, as a result of being nourished by that fluoridated water.  Bottled water has fluoride in it. Soda has fluoride in it. Juice has fluoride in it. Tea is especially concentrated with fluoride.  How much fluoride was I taking in daily? To this day I am not really sure, because there is no way to measure the dosage we are taking in.  

You can calculate the fluoride content for a glass of water, but you are not able to measure the rest.  And because the fluoride is in the water supply? Fluoride is in literally everything else you consume because of it.  It didn’t even make sense to me. How could this medicine, this mineral, that is put in the water to strengthen our teeth. . . how could it be the reason I suffered for so long, and have no teeth?  It’s supposed to make them stronger. 

If you are being medicated without informed consent on your part, and being administered random dosages that nobody has any way of tracking, it is wrong.  That’s something Nazi’s might have done to people in WW2 concentration camps, and it’s the kind of sick, twisted, and evil behavior that some world governments persist with to this day.  Many countries said no to fluoridation based on this alone. It is wrong to forcibly medicate people without consent. It is doubly wrong if it’s done in a way that people cannot even track the dosage.  It is triple-y wrong to take a one size fits all approach to medicating the population, with no chance to individualize treatment for those more sensitive. And there is hopefully a special place in the pits of hell reserved for you if you do all those things, while pushing something that is not even safe for consumption.  

There has never been even one study that would meet Grade A standards of a controlled trial conducted to determine the safety of fluoride.  Not even one. Ever. There are however, as I learned when it was already too late, hundreds of studies showing potential dangerous effects of systemic ingestion of fluoride.  There have also been 63 studies that I am aware of, and potentially dozens more, that directly link fluoride to hindered development of the brain, which can be directly measured with a loss in IQ points.

Is 1 less cavity over your entire lifetime worth the loss of 7 – 10 IQ points?  You can replace a lost tooth 4 or 5 different ways, but there is no way to increase your IQ throughout life to make up for lost IQ.  1 less cavity over your life is not even a fact, that’s a claimed benefit. Personally? I am at -32 teeth. Not only am I at -32 teeth, but as the dental fluorosis proved, I took in far more fluoride than I spit out, and it very likely cost me 7 – 10 IQ points, changing the entire outlook of the rest of my life. In addition to that, I also have issues that result from an endocrine system that isn’t functioning as it should all the time that negatively affect the quality of my life each and every day.  That isn’t even all. I also experience joint pains, with doctors telling me during my 20’s that I am likely developing arthritis. In my 20’s? Strange how arthritis has more than doubled since fluoridation began, and is still on the rise. Skeletal fluorosis is a very real and serious condition, and it’s symptoms present exactly like arthritis does for most. Sadly, I won’t be able to prove this until I die, and they can autopsy my body.

How could this wonderful medicine, this mineral, how could it do all this?

Fluoride is neither medicine, nor mineral.  The hexofluorosilicic solution added to the water supply is actually a toxic waste product.   Upon further study, it has been determined that fluoride is not a mineral at all, but it is instead a deadly neurotoxin.  For the people handling it, and adding it to the water supply? If they don’t follow proper procedures and accidentally swallow some, they will die.  Where I live, the utility company petitioned city council to try and stop the practice because their workers had to risk their lives every day. Risking death and disability in order to poison the water supply with a neurotoxin that is scooped out of toxic waste.

There is such thing as naturally occurring fluoride.  There is even a pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride that add to toothpaste, although I should point out toothpaste labels are required to have the poison control label on them because a child swallowing fluoride can be permanently harmed, or even have a fatal reaction. 

Fluoride is an elements, and naturally occuring appears as a simple:


The stuff that is added to the water?   It reads as:


Just a little hydrogen, and silicone, it’s not like different chemicals react differently depending on the cocktail they are mixed with. . . . right?

But wait!   We have more!  As mentioned earlier, they do not add pure fluoride, or even pure hexafluorosilicic acid to the water.  It’s a solutions with 24% of the contents containing the correct neurotoxin. And since this is scooped out of industrial waste?  Here are some of the chemicals that test out as showing in the water supply.

Uranium, mmmm, like water in 1980’s Chernobyl, Aluminium, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Beryllium, Chronium, cyanide, ethyl benzene, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, thallium, and phosphorous, toluene, and xylene.  

So even if you are particularly resistent to fluoride, there are 16 other known cancer causing chemicals added to the water at the same time, but hush, hush, wink, wink, let’s not put that on the label.  We don’t yet know fluoride is killing people, so you can admit to that, but since we know those 16 chemicals are deadly, it would be bad for business to put that on the label. North American’s would freak out if they learned hundreds of millions of tax dollars are spent every year to poison them through the water supply.

Proponents of fluoridation might try to whitewash that away by claiming it’s only small amounts of chemicals used in nuclear reactors.  But what is the a safe level of mercury to consume? Uranium? Toluene?

According to the UN, long term exposure to mercury presents as reproductive problems, development toxicity, mutagenicity, some evidence of carcinogenic activity.  Acute exposure from mercury will cause severe disruption of any tissue with which it comes into contact, but the two main effects of mercury poisoning are neurological and renal disturbances. They say that in general, the ingestion of acute toxic doses of any form of mercury will result in the same terminal signs and symptoms, namely shock, cardiovascular collapse, acute renal failure and severe gastrointestinal damage. Acute oral poisoning results primarily in haemorrhagic gastritis and colitis; the ultimate damage is to the kidney. Clinical symptoms of acute intoxication include pharyngitis, dysphagia, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and shock. Later, swelling of the salivary glands, stomatitis, loosening of the teeth, nephritis, anuria and hepatitis occur (Stockinger, 1981). Ingestion of 500 mg of mercury(II) chloride causes severe poisoning and sometimes death in humans (Bidstrup, 1964). Acute effects result from the inhalation of air containing mercury vapour at concentrations in the range of 0.05–0.35 mg/m3 (Teisinger & Fiserova-Bergerova, 1965; Neilsen-Kudsk, 1972). Exposure for a few hours to 1–3 mg/m3 may give rise to pulmonary irritation and destruction of lung tissue and occasionally to central nervous system disorders (Skerfving & Vostal, 1972). Dermal exposure to alkylmercurials may give rise to acute toxic dermatitis and eczematous changes. 5.2 Long-term exposure Many studies involving the observation of more than 1000 individuals indicate that the classical signs and symptoms of elemental mercury vapour poisoning (objective tremors, mental disturbances and gingivitis) may be expected to appear after chronic exposure to air mercury concentrations above 0.1 mg/m3 (IPCS, 1991). Non-specific neurological and physiological symptoms were also associated with lower exposure levels

Dental fluorosis, a condition where you have so much calcified and crystallized fluoride within your system that it is visible to the naked eye, used to only occur to people living in certain micro communities where fluoride content was unsafe for consumption.  Today it’s prevalent in 8% of 40 – 49 year olds. 14% of 30 – 39 year olds. 28% of 20 – 29 year olds. Up to 41% of children aged 12 – 16. 41% of American youth have fluoride poisoning so badly it’s visible to the naked eye, and with that poisoning there is a loss of IQ, an endocrine system that will cause them issues, as well as possible bone and joint issues.  There is no ‘growing out of it’, or brushing it away. Fluorosis is the mottling of teeth, which means there are a bunch of tiny little holes that allow acids and food direct access right through the enamel and into the core of the tooth.   

Do what you can to remove this neurotoxin from your local water supply.  There may even be a debate of town hall coming up. Do your research, and make your voice heard.

97% of Europe DOES NOT fluoridate their water.  And do you know what? They have better teeth than we do.  

Until next time,

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