(Natural News) Corporations first formed in America in the 1790s, quickly rising to be the fulcrum of the economy. Corporations grew to play a major role in the political identity of the country, through the Industrial Revolution and the Gilded Age. Then came World War II, and America would never be the same again. Corporations processed food and coated it with pesticides that cause cancer and dementia. Corporations chemicalized medicine and falsified vaccine research. Now, the most powerful corporations are funding the overthrowing of the U.S. Government and Trump, merging forces with Deep State operatives and the social media tech giants. What are Bill “Death Vaccine” Gates and evil George Soros writing on the billionaire’s communist playbook chalkboard at the meeting today? Does it contain the letters B, L and M, and in that order?

Will Black Lives Matter and their leaders in Communist China overthrow the country, whether Trump wins or loses in November?

Without a President to wage unnecessary wars, sell weapons to terrorists, and fund the military industrial complex, the crooked Democrats have turned to Communists to overthrow their own country and the guy in charge who won’t help them launder billions from American taxpayers. So, whether Trump wins or loses in November, there will be a war… a big giant war.

Thousands upon thousands of Americans, White and Black, have been duped by the Black Lives Matter front, a terrorist organization that George Soros and nearly 300 major U.S. corporations fund in order to recruit petty mercenaries to do their communist bidding.

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Editors note: I can definitely understand if the headline used by natural news sounds like click baiting. But sadly, it’s more accurate than in error when describing what is taking place across America.

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