It’s make or break time. Will Canada’s Prime Minister right the ship? Or is Justin Trudeau’s legacy on the verge of crashing?

4000 Canadians are out on Cruise ships. 

At least 77 planes carrying roughly 20,000 passengers are flying into Canada from China in just a period of 3 days from Saturday March 21st, to Monday March 23rd.

Sold out flights from Italy to Toronto are still landing hundreds of passengers at a time, adding up to thousands daily. 

Maybe you are thinking, at least those people are not flying out of Wuhan, or Milan, the epicenters of the pandemic. . . unfortunately, sold out flights are leaving Wuhan and Milan every day. 

They are carrying on business as usual, with sold out flight after sold out flight leaving directly out of Wuhan, and Milan, and from there spreading all around the globe. Including about 8,500 of them coming here every single day. Not 8,500 foreign traveler’s. 8,500 specifically from the 2 most affected countries in the world. These are not even rough guesses, but a proper tally. There was 32 Boeing b789’s that carry that carry 246 passengers each, 5 Airbus a332 carrying 406 each, 9 Airbus a333’s carrying 350 each, etc. These numbers are AT LEAST this amount using data gathered from flight aware. I didn’t check all the airports, it was already enough that it’s too much, and people could have been taking odd transfers routes to try and avoid detection.

Paralysis from leadership is threatening to destroy Canada

Canada is suffering from a disease, and that disease is WEAK leadership.  We’ve already lit fire to the economy. . . but because of leadership failures, we did all that damage for nothing.  Is Justin Trudeau’s legacy on the very of crashing? Instead of slowing the spread, we burnt down the economy only the learn Trudeau has been sneaking in sick people through the back door, accelerating the spread covid19 faster than the rest of our efforts slowed it down.

At this rate, to avoid offending China, Trudeau will end up having been worse for the economy than the great depression, AND for causing more preventable deaths than happened to us during World War 2.  

Every lay-off, every missed hour of work, every ounce of effort spent so far, all of it has been for nothing.  We have already done so much damage to our economies that the fallout will take several years to recover from, and every bit of that effort has been for nothing.

Is Trudeau trying to ensure as many Canadians as possible get infected?

To not shut down international flights at this point feels criminally negligent, or a level of incompetence without precedent.   But still allowing flights in from Wuhan and Milan? That feels like we have a serial killer in charge. 

Burning down the economy to save lives is worth it.   At least according to most. Others with no empathy, or making an argument for the collective will say saving the economy at the cost of losing people is worth it.  Maybe that is unconscionable, but, at least there is the silver lining of our way life not being destroyed. For those who survive anyways. 

Trudeau instead is on a path where he will cause more economic damage than the great depression, and for no reasons because he is working to accelerate the rate of infection by importing tens of thousands in from the pandemic hot zones.  His greatest distinction won’t even be that he was more damaging to the economy than the great depression was. It will that he cause more preventable deaths than were killed by every mass murderer in our countries history put together. Maybe, more than died in World War 2. Hopefully he can snap back to life, put on his big boy pants, and do what needs to be done before it’s too late. If it’s not already.


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