An event took place in mid to late October.  At Event 201, put on by pharma and vaccine giants the Gates Foundation and Johnson & Johnson, where there was a mock outbreak of a coronavirus, 43 days before it broke out for real.

Coincidences do happen in life.  If you don’t believe in coincidences, you are overly paranoid, and likely determined to see a pattern even where there is none.  But, “skeptics” these days have over-corrected to the point where they are just as extreme as somebody with an entire collection of tin foil hats.  They are determined not to see anything as the result of a deliberate plan, to see everything as random noise that happened to work out that way through luck.   Sometimes though, coincidences start stacking up, and piling on top of each other one after another.  Even the most ardent government shill, er…   skeptic, would have a difficult time trying to explain away some of what’s been occurring with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mainstream Media Not Sure What “Debunked” actually means

  • NY declares it a ‘fringe theory’ that covid-19 originated in any way other than naturally, through luck.  They wrote an entire article deriding Senator Tom Cotton.  If you want to talk about dangerous misinformation, that’s a perfect example right there.
  • The Washington post declares; Tom Cotton keeps repeating a coronavirus conspiracy theory that was already debunked.   Except. . .  it was never debunked.  It was Chinese researchers who first put that forward.  Their study was retracted, but only under duress from a government in China that was coercing them.  Retracting their statement out of fear is not the same as something getting debunked.
  • Bill Bostock of the Financial times writes, “A GOP senator keeps pushing a thoroughly debunked theory that the Wuhan coronavirus is a leaked . . . “

K.I.S.S.  Keep It Simple Stupid

You would think we need Sherlock Holmes on this one to get it figured out.  Members of the mainstream media are adamant that it simply manifested out of thin air, naturally, and then transmitted itself from animals to humans.

But. . . we don’t need a famous fictional investigator to crack the code on this one.  Even children in grade 2 could solve this one.  While it’s normally the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who are accused of inventing unlikely stories, the tables seem to have turned here.  Roughly 100 yards from where this deadly, never before seen pathogen broke out, just so happens to be a level 4 biolab where they study, among other things, corona virus.   And just how many labs does China have set up to study corona virus?   Just one.  And that one happens to be 100 yards from ground zero.

Less than 2 weeks ago now, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive titled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”  While not directly an admission of guilt, it’s a release of new guidelines to researchers to make sure it doesn’t happen AGAIN.   I suppose that must also be a coincidence.

Event 201

What of Event 201 now?  They were already staging a mock global response to this virus just weeks before the actual outbreak.  One of the main topics of discussion was suppressing free speech from the public.  The public might catch on to the fact that governments or pharmaceutical companies were responsible, and needed to be silenced.  One would have though watching the event, that exposure to misinformation, and disinformation was far more dangerous than exposure to the virus itself.  Some of the participants at the event were against the idea of shutting down the internet, but it was a consistent theme put out there by organizers through their staged exercises.

On October 18th, 2019 Event 201 was held, where there was a mock outbreak of a Coronavirus, 43 days before it broke out for real.  At that. . . ‘event’, it was revealed that the worlds elite fear something much more than they fear any real or imagined virus.  The ability of ordinary people to spread news among their peers, neighbors, communities, and beyond.  If we are all silenced, anything is misinformation that they say is misinformation.  But if we are able to talk to each other, we are not so easily fooled.   So called ‘fact-checking’ organizations have already ‘proven’ that the deadly covid-19 outbreak manifested spontaneously right outside the doors of the only level 4 bio weapons lab in China that studies corona virus.  Anybody who believes different and tells another person?  If organizations like the Gates Foundation, or corporations like Johnson & Johnson get their way, you will be locked away as a dangerous spreader of disinformation.


Stay safe out there, and keep fighting for your personal rights.  There are forces in the world looking to exploit this crisis, and use it to take away the rights and freedoms enjoyed by regular people such as you and me.


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