Inside the increasingly empty and trashed campus of a Hong Kong university only a handful of activists held out on Thursday as they desperately searched for ways to escape or hide while squads of police encircled the grounds.

Much of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University, which teemed with 33,000 students, faculty and staff in the most recent school year, has become a deserted wasteland.

Hundreds of anti-government protesters had fortified the campus and engaged in street battles with riot police earlier this week.

But now the number of protesters has dwindled to fewer than 100, turning the grounds into an eerily empty compound scattered with debris and defaced with political slogans.

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JunkRatNews will be covering this story and others just like it. So stay tuned to this and other stories.  In case you haven’t noticed, we might have entered into a 21st century cold war. The once sleeping giant known as China is creating friction as they re-emerge onto the world scene.  One can only hope this all ends peacefully. Because the current leadership from the East and Western nations do not seem to get along very well.

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